Studio Policy



If all goes well, we will have two solo recitals a year with possible group concerts and other special performances.

Concert Dress

Concert dress means nice, dressy clothes.  No jeans, tennis shoes or flip flops, please.  We want you to look as good as you sound.

Dress Rehearsal
The dress rehearsal is the final rehearsal before a concert.  It is usually held in the studio for solo recitals or at the church for group concerts.  At the dress rehearsal, you do not have to wear the clothes you will be wearing to the concert.  If you do not attend the dress rehearsals, you will not be allowed to attend the concert due to the fact that we polish the performance at this time.  It is important to me that your child be prepared for the recital so they can have a confident and comfortable performance.  Parents must attend the rehearsals.  No drop-offs, please.  Leaving a rehearsal early is the same as not attending.
Arrival Time

Please arrive at dress rehearsals and concerts AT LEAST 15 minutes early.  This may mean that you are tuned and ready to play and have 15 minutes to wait but I will usually have a warm-up room for you to use for practice during this time.  We need you there on time so that the recital can begin on time.  Occasionally, extenuating circumstances will cause a student to be late.  These glitches can be handled smoothly without delaying the concert start time if everyone is in the habit of arriving there on time.

Concert Etiquette

Part of being a musician is understanding and exercising proper concert etiquette.  During a performance, please watch quietly.  Please don't talk or move around the auditorium.  If you need to enter after the concert has started, please wait quietly outside the closed door and enter only between pieces.

Of course we realize that we have families with small children.  If your young child needs to be removed during a piece, by all means do so.  It is also understandable if you want to stand in the back with a busy toddler so you don't have to miss the concert.

The best time to take a picture of a performer is just as they play their last note.  You run the risk of distracting your child from their playing if you take the picture before that time during their performance.  The flash and your movement can be very distracting!  Two other times to get pictures of your child is during the last bow and after the concert is over. Once the concert is finished, have them pose as if they are playing in the same spot they performed earlier.  That usually makes a great picture.

More concert info

For group concerts, when you arrive, please sit with your parents and unpack your violins. You can set your cases on the floor near you.  For solo recitals, there will be a warm-up room where you can unpack and practice a bit.  If you do not tune your violin yet, I will tune it for you before the concert.  I will let you know when it is your turn to perform by calling your name before we play a piece.  There is usually a reception after the concert.

Private Lessons

One parent must make the commitment to consistently attend classes with their child. When the students get older, it is not as important that the same parent attend every lesson but for the first few years, it is crucial, for the sake of the continuity, that the same parent consistently accompany the child to the lesson.  You have an important role!

Siblings are welcome at lessons. If younger siblings will be taking Suzuki classes in the future, it is advantageous for them to sit in when they can to hear the music and familiarize themselves with the program.


Please arrive at lessons on time.  The lesson ahead of you may occasionally run a few minutes over and if that happens, I will do my best to make sure you get your entire allotted time.  If you arrive late however, I will have to end your lesson when the next student's scheduled time begins. 


No gum chewing during lessons.

Group Lessons

The parent of the Pre-Twinkle student participates in the group

lessons. Once the student "graduates" from Twinkles, a parent

is still expected to stay at the group lesson with the child. No

drop-offs unless it is cleared with me IN ADVANCE, and then

only in special circumstances and on rare occasions.

Please arrive for group lessons on time and enter quietly.

Unpack your violin and quietly wait for your group's turn.

Sometimes group lessons scheduled ahead of yours may

run over, and I apologize in advance. Thanks for being

ready so that I can start your group just as soon as I am

finished with the group proceeding yours.

Attendance is expected at group lessons. Playing their pieces

together at group really raises their playing level.


Please try to park in my driveway and if there is no room left

in the driveway, please park on my side of the street in front

of the house.


Required Materials

  • ​Box Violin
  • Violin after finished with box violin
  • Suzuki Violin School Book 1 (Revised) with matching CD
  • Tuner
  • Book, Nurtured by Love
  • Notebook (You will be expected to take notes during your child's lesson.)
  • Metronome and music stand when they start music reading at a later date

Tuition Info

The fees you pay me cover your private lessons and group lessons. It also pays me for other things that include the cost of the rental for the church, teaching supplies, accompanist fees, judge fees and trophies.


Your payment for the semester is due the first lesson of the month and is late if not paid at that lesson, You can pay for the full semester in one payment or make monthly payments toward the semester's total tuition

Make-up Lessons

If I miss a lesson, I will either offer you a make-up lesson or if I don't have the time to do the make-up lesson, a refund. I don't make-up lessons that you miss or do refunds for these lessons.